Love is not for a woman who wants to have her own life and independence. Love is not for a woman who wants to be happy. Love is not for a woman who wants to be herself. Love is for that woman who has no worth for herself, who doesn't have a mind of her… Continue reading Loser


The Future

The universe is big Lots to see, Lots to get used to; It'd take me a while To wrap my head around 'em all— The gravity of it all  Has finally come crashing down upon me. How will the future look like for me? Nobody can tell –  No fortune-teller can ever predict. But, do… Continue reading The Future


To Him, With Love

Love drives me crazy, Love annoys the heck out of me, Love makes me mad.   Love demands that I be the best, Love is telling me how silly I can get, Love challenges me to be proud of what I do, Love pushes me to love myself, too.   Love is gentle and kind,… Continue reading To Him, With Love

Poetry, Short Stories

Love Reincarnated

He could not watch her suffering the way she did.     Julia lay on the hospital bed, wreathing and straining against her bindings, while the doctors and nurses bustled around her trying their best to save her. For them, she was just another life, but for Frank, she was his whole life. He silently prayed… Continue reading Love Reincarnated


In Real Life

I know you’ve grown fond of me, I also know that you cannot resist me; You wear your heart on your sleeve, And curse when things don’t go the way you see. In real life, that’s the bitter truth: Things ain’t supposed to happen your way. In real life, that’s the right path: People don’t… Continue reading In Real Life