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‘Rain—a part of nature that could either brush past to bring bliss or ravage places to bring destruction.’ Such were the thoughts running through Melissa’s mind as she watched anxiously out the window. A drop of rain fell on her windowsill. Her nervousness had been growing ever since she got up from the table after… Continue reading Rain



I pick up my special belt And wind it around my trouser Ah - now I'm ready to take off! Ever since the good old man passed away, I've been lonely, I'd looking out the window And gazing at the young lads and lasses Come back home, Having sought great fame and fortune. For years… Continue reading Journey


Monsters Under My Bed

I fear them, The monsters under my bed, They come out at night And prevent my sleep— They remind me of things I wouldn’t like to think of at night— And I can’t sleep. I fear them, The monsters under my bed, They come out at night And snatch my blissful dreams— Hellish nightmares in… Continue reading Monsters Under My Bed

Ramblings of a Young Heart

To the Love of My Life

To the love of my life, When I first met you, you were the best thing that ever happened to me. When I heard you speak, you were all I could hear around me. When I spoke to you, you were the only person I completely listened to. I thought you listened to me, too.… Continue reading To the Love of My Life


The Cold War

Check out the facts about the Cold War in World History, only on “Parchments of the Times Past”!

Parchments of the Times Past

          The Cold War was a major event in the history of the world. It has been seen as a struggle for supremacy between two major ideologies of the 20th century—the communist Soviet Union and the capitalist United States of America. Even though this ideological hatred had been in existence since the beginning of the century, neither power had acted on it, until after the end of the Second World War in August 1945. The major drive for the Cold War had been the fear of nuclear domination.

          The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a cold war as “a condition of rivalry, mistrust, and often open hostility short of violence esp. between power groups”. The term “cold” has been used in the English language to describe a condition in which someone intentionally gives another an unsympathetic treatment, such as “cold shoulder”. In diplomacy and world politics, a cold…

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Loverboy [Version II]

He was in love, he knew He knew from the point he saw her, Staring at the beautiful sky above her, Her face shining serene In the moonlit night. From the point he spotted her, He knew it was her or none; He knew when he saw her, That she was the best thing That'd… Continue reading Loverboy [Version II]